A Little Math


In 2008, I began my search of the Tree-of-Life patterns in this record of scriptures. It was the work of reverse engineering. The finished product (the Book of Mormon) was before me. I asked myself if the tree patterns even existed in the book. So, I attempted to deconstruct the verses in pursuit of that answer. After discovering that the whole book consisted of a dizzying array of patterns, I set forth to establish the rules that seem to govern their construct. In other words, I had to deconstruct the book by using the Tree-of-Life patterns before I can reconstruct it. 


Early on in my research, I realized that all I needed was a little math. The Utah version of the Book of Mormon contains 6,604 verses; the Missouri edition--8,701. Tens sefirot (circles) make a tree pattern. Simple division reveals that 660 trees with a remainder of four verses comprise the Utah edition. Eight hundred and seventy trees are in the Missouri version, with one extra. 


Could the rule endings and the rule of adjustment work with the rest of the Book of Mormon, mathematically? I found that they did in what I call systems. We will now turn our attention to one of these systems--OS 1. Utah A will provide additional support.