What is the source of the Tree-of-Life pattern or structure? I believe God is the source; He revealed it to the Jews. However, it is a major tenet of Jewish mystical thought known as Kabbalah.


Here comes the disclaimer. Complex and controversial, Kabbalah has numerous critics. I accept the Tree-of-Life pattern, but most of what I know about Kabbalah (and that isn't much) I have serious reservations. Kabbalah does not replace the teachings of Jesus, nor do I believe as a Restorationist that I must throw away my beliefs for Kabbalah. On the contrary, I do accept that the Tree-of-Life pattern bears witness to the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the divinity of Jesus Christ. 


Many people express different reasons why they reject the Bible or the Book of Mormon. Fundamentally, they see a disconnect between the teaching and the practicing of the believer. Regarding the Bible, this criticism extends back to the wars fought by nations in the name of Christianity.


Let's face it. Our hypocrisy can turn people off to our beliefs. In like matter, Kabbalah suffers from the same type of disconnect. Within its teachings, I believe some truth is in Kabbalah, but it is the question of where. 


Do you feel saddened when a person refuses to hear you out about your belief because of their preconceived opinion about your faith? Do you wish that they give you a chance to hear "your side of the story?" I ask for the same consideration. I desire that people give this website a fair hearing despite their objections that they may have to Kabbalah or the Book of Mormon.