A Brief History of the Books


In 1830, the first printing of the Book of Mormon occurred in Palmyra, NY. This original printing was not in verse form. It consisted of the individual books, each with chapters and very long paragraphs. I marvel at how the early Saints could comprehend the text while trying to read those long paragraphs.


After Joseph and Hyrum's martyrdom in 1844, the most successful attempt at dividing the paragraphs up and numbering them into verses occurred in 1879 by Orson Pratt. This arrangement continues with the current Utah edition. 


The final versification of the Missouri edition took place in 1908, hence the name of the 1908 Authorized Edition. Three major types of Book of Mormons now exist within the different groups from the RLDS religious tradition. Besides the Missouri edition, there is also the Restored Covenant Edition (RCE) and 1966 version. They all use this 1908 format.